Macaroni Bolognese Bake

Ready in:

20 min

Skill level:





1 TubeFreezer Bolognese
Butter or Spread
Plain Flour
Baby Spinach
Breadcrumbs and Cheddar
  1. Defrost bolognese 
  2. Cook macaroni very lightly until just soft.
  3. Make a cheese sauce by making a roux of butter (or any spread) and plain flour. Gently whisk in milk and bring to the boil until silky smooth, thickened and no lumps. Add grated cheese of choice.
  4. Pour the bolognese on top of the pasta and mix together in a dish. Top the mix with fresh spinach. Pour cheese sauce on top of the spinach and spread till covered.
  5. You can cover with foil and refrigerate at this point until ready. When ready to bake put in oven at Gas 3 / 170˚C / 150˚ Fan covered for 30 mins. Then remove foil, top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese and bake for a further 10 mins until golden brown.